Social Responsibility

Sparton has been on a journey over the past five years to execute a growth strategy aimed to enhance stakeholder value for the electromechanical products industry.  At the same time, we have been focused on our impact on the places where we conduct business and live.

With the publishing of our corporate social responsibility statement, Sparton demonstrates the positive momentum that we are making with regard to employees, the environment, and our communities.


“We encourage our associates to be constantly ‘Living the Values’, a mantra that has become part of Sparton’s cultural DNA”


We continually seek to improve the needs of our employees through training as we foster growth and success in an environment of teamwork, collaboration, empowerment, and accountability.



When we built a new supply chain in Asia that
directly supports investor and shareholder objectives, we’re also improving the business climate, talent levels, and possibilities for other companies and individuals in the region.


A company cannot find success just by providing a safe environment for employees. But the lack of a commitment to safety can certainly undermine everything else that a company does and stands for. That’s part of the reason why Sparton continues to place so much emphasis on safety.



Each of our sites has autonomy. Some are focused on energy and environmental impact, others on philanthropic opportunities. But they’re all showing tremendous motivation as they demonstrate their initiative.