Quality Certifications

Simply put, we understand and address the electronic manufacturing process from end-to-end better than the rest.

We can help you develop breakthrough products and tackle complex manufacturing challenges quickly and easily…whether you have a simple or multi-phase project, or you’re a start-up or global business. Our approach involves listening to you, understanding your needs, and exploring your options before launching into detailed design.

Once a design is developed, ensuring that it can be built safely and affordably becomes our #1 priority. And our in-process testing ensures the products we build are manufactured to only the highest quality levels possible. We also provide a variety of services from RoHS compliant analysis to full turnkey green design and manufacturing. Then, once finished, we see to it that your product moves smoothly into all your distribution channels.

For us, it’s the journey to empower your vision that drives us to be one of the best at what we do.

Industrial & Commercial

Military & Aerospace

Industry Specific Quality Designations

FAR (Federal Acquisition Rules)

Process Quality Designations