Military & Aerospace

Conquering Complexity in Military & Aerospace Contract Manufacturing

See how Sparton utilizes a best-in-class production system model to drive quality, delivery and overall performance excellence for the demanding nature of military and aerospace product manufacturing.

Rugged, mission-critical military and aerospace applications need the design and manufacturing sophistication of a partner such as Sparton. As both a defense contractor and a supplier to recognized leaders in the market, we have expertise in your demanding and highly regulated environment.

We create devices that include a variety of highly specialized technologies such as embedded systems, RF, lasers, optics, sensors and robotics for uses as varied as undersea warfare to cockpit controls and satellite communications. We also specialize in aerospace printed circuit board assembly and military printed circuit board assembly. Every project we take on benefits from the Sparton Production System, as well as our experience and commitment to building strong partnerships.

  • Mechanical Motion
  • RF
  • Robotic Handling Systems
  • Thermally Controlled Systems
  • Lasers/Optics
  • Embedded Systems
  • Electronics Modules/User Interface Development
  • Systems Engineering

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  • Missile Threat Detection
  • Flight Data Recorder
  • Weapons System Tracking
  • Aircraft Engine Controls
  • Electronic Controllers
  • Secure Communications
  • Ruggedized Systems

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Manufacturing & Design Services – Military & Aerospace

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