We specialize in challenging design and manufacturing projects

At Sparton, we understand that bringing an electronic or electromechanical device to market can be incredibly complex. So we have developed and implemented the industry’s most effective process for contract manufacturing –– from concept to prototyping to shipment. Overseen by our expert, in-house staff and optimized for low- to medium-volume projects, the Sparton Production System allows us to deliver the highest-quality products to the world’s most demanding industries –– quickly and cost-effectively.

With vast expertise and experience, Sparton focuses on building true partnerships with its customers, so that they can successfully achieve market success.

A focus on demanding industries

  • Medical & Biotechnology

    Medical & Biotechnology →

    Medical and biotechnology devices often come with some of the biggest design and manufacturing challenges.
  • Industrial & Commercial

    Industrial & Commercial →

    Whatever your requirements, rest assured that Sparton will meet them. We have designed and manufactured a wide variety of products.
  • Military & Aerospace

    Military & Aerospace →

    When rugged, mission-critical applications require higher levels of design and manufacturing sophistication, Sparton delivers time and time again.