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July 23, 2015

Case Study

Printed Circuit Board Assemblies

Sparton’s customer is a medical device company requiring the use of numerous complex printed circuit board assemblies (PCBA). As products themselves become more complex, so too does the ability to maintain quality.

June 30, 2015


PC Influences on Embedded Systems

As x86 systems- processors, memory, and I/O technologies (cables, radio, etc.) have evolved, the embedded world has absorbed these in various forms and in some cases taken an entirely different approach. In this presentation we explore some of the history of x86 influences on embedded systems as well as new approaches and markets that the embedded world has created.
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June 30, 2015


Why Product Lifecycle Management is an Emerging Business Strategy

Product life cycle management is a manufacturing industry buzz word heard frequently these days. Why? It's a solid business strategy. A well-defined lifecycle requirement that includes information about your product and processes is a first step towards streamlining and improving all stages of product development and manufacturing. This webinar will discuss the benefits and best practices at every stage of the product lifecycle.
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May 22, 2015

Case Study

In Vitro Diagnostics Instrumentation

Sparton has developed software for virtually all of the elements of a highly complex IVD device – from precision sample metering, mechanical motion, and instrumentation, to user interfaces, connectivity, and remote...Read

May 13, 2015

White Paper

A Robust Supply Chain: The Important Role Your Contract Manufacturer Can Play

Your complex device demands a robust supply chain. In today’s unsure environment, you need to know that your supply chain is available, flexible, and affordable when you need it. Establishing a strong and effective partnership with a contract manufacturer can ensure that you have the purchasing power and agility needed when the unexpected happens or design changes are needed. “A Robust Supply Chain,” our White Paper, outlines three things to look for in a contract manufacturer and three things you can do to ensure a smooth production process and an improved bottom line.


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