Pumps and Disposables Platform

simulationWe have a proven track record developing custom peristaltic and diaphragm pumps and their associated disposables. The pumps have been used in various applications, such as blood collection and processing systems, kidney dialysis machines, surgical systems, and in-vitro diagnostic systems.

Examples of our pump and disposable technology include:

  • A quadruple peristaltic pump with a single disposable manifold incorporating four peristaltic pump segments, integral valves, and sensors for temperature pressure, pH, and color
  • Completely automated peristaltic pump and cartridge requiring no action from the user after cassette insertion
  • Disposable microfluidic cartridge incorporating a miniature diaphragm pump and genetic sensors
  • Four-segment, low hemolysis peristaltic pumps and cartridges for pumping blood and blood components