Medical Device Controller Platform

PCBAWe have developed versatile computer control and display subsystems that can be modified to suit various medical applications. Unlike most off-the-shelf applications, ours are designed for medical products and can be fully validated for use in critical medical devices.

Many of our designs require similar user interfaces and features: LCD, touch screens, numeric displays, membrane/foot switches, basic regulatory safety solutions, field upgradeable software, and the ability to easily add languages for portability to other countries. We have developed and produced a family of general embedded controller designs, based on the ARM series of processors. The Medical Device Controller (MDC) family supports required features with a set of software modules on which we build your custom applications. We configure the MDC for each application and customize the packaging design for each client.

Features of our MDC platform include:

  • State-of-the-art CPU and field-programmable gate array / FPGA
  • User interfaces—LCD, touch screen, knob, and keypad
  • High-resolution embedded graphics with 16-bit color depths
  • Ethernet, USB, and high-speed synchronous serial interfaces
  • Flash, SDRAM, battery backed nonvolatile memory and real time clock
  • Alarms compliant with IEC 60601-1-8
  • Multilanguage capability including Unicode fonts
  • Built-in sophisticated watchdog and power fail circuitry
  • Software that is flexible and adaptable for various display, control, and communications applications and that can be verified and validated per FDA guidance