Point-of-Care Diagnostic System

Nanomix is a US-based medical technology manufacturer specializing in the development of nanoscale electronic biosensors. They created a proprietary, scalable carbon nanotube biosensor technology with an innovation challenge of redefining point-of-care nano technology with performance equal to that of a central laboratory system. The eLab device would become a touchscreen mobile diagnostic instrument with disposable test cartridges.

Services Provided by Sparton:

The Sparton Irvine, CA-based design team was contracted by Nanomix to redesign and enhance functionality for this next-generation eLab device. Sparton’s multi-disciplinary design team was engaged with the following scope of work:

  • Assess system design update architecture
  • Redesign exterior case
  • Integrate LCD touchscreen
  • Design a fully integrated pneumatic system
  • Improve cartridge-to-reader interface
  • Augment temperature sensing control system
  • Incorporate rechargeable battery
  • Integrate barcode scanner functionality
  • Upgrade system architecture with high speed/extensive functionality CPU/FPGA
  • Enhance UI workflow and improve GUI
  • Include Bluetooth communication between device and PC
  • Support custom, on-demand assay script development
  • Design rubber sleeve enclosure to accommodate field ruggedness

Key Challenges:

  • FDA medical device requiring regulatory approval
  • Complex challenges in mechanical sub-system design, compact electronics and app integration
  • Developing compact electronics-based systems for IVD market
  • Requirements for wireless connectivity, app integration and Bluetooth enablement

End Result

Sparton helped Nanomix conquer complexity by building innovation into development through a deep understanding of their needs from expertise in complex mechanical, electronics and app integration. Additionally, Sparton’s capabilities from design into full-scale manufacturing provided Nanomix long-term success all the way to full commercialization. The eLab device is currently acquiring its UL certification.

“eLab system produces results in 10 minutes, reducing diagnosis of myocardial infarction by as much as one hour”

“Faster treatment of emergency situations leads to improved patient outcomes”


“We are excited about the market opportunity for eLab. This first of class mobile diagnostic system will benefit patients and lower healthcare system costs. We could not have made it to the point without the commitment and collaborative efforts of the Sparton design team.”

David Ludvigson, President and CEO, Nanomix

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