Medical Imaging Instrumentation

Sparton has helped customers develop breakthrough products and specialized features that give them an advantage over the competition. As the fields of diagnostic imaging and in vitro diagnostics continue to converge, our expertise in both realms enables use to fully leverage the potential for integrating these disciplines in the increasingly interconnected world of healthcare information technology.

We are ready to help you take advantage of exciting opportunities in: modalities, image capture, custom algorithm development, image and information management, networked solutions, and machine vision. We can help you choose the right standards for your products – HIPAA, 21 CFR Part 11, DICOM, and HK7. We also build IHE profiles to support interconnectivity.


Examples of our Medical Imaging expertise:

  • Commercialized an imaging application that employs digital microscopic imaging acquired by the means of bright field and epiflourescent illumination, in order to identify and quantify cell species.
  • Designed and developed a software system that uses ultrasound imaging to drive an inverse planning algorithm and prescribe optimal dose distribution for permanently implanted radioactive seeds in real time in the operating room.
  • Added OPC™ (OLE for Process Control) data transmission capability to a complex machine-vision software application that inspects soft contact lenses in high-volume, high speed production lines.
  • Defined, architected, and implemented HL7 messaging to connect the system to a partner’s PACS. The Patient Administration, Order Entry, and Order Response messages followed the V2.3/2.4 HL7 standard.
  • Analyzed, consulted, planned and completed the convergence of two systems on the approach and issues in merging eight software baselines into a common core set of modules. We then provided the software engineering for the acquisition, processing and storage of digital images.

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