Andrew Technologies’ Hydrasolve Lippoplasty System

Andrew Technologies is a medical technology company committed to improving patient’s lives through body aesthetics while helping surgeons achieve their treatment goals.

HydraSolve™, the new liposuction device utilizing low-energy Tissue Liquefaction Technology™ (TLT), is changing the nature of aesthetic body contouring. Combining natural saline solution with low levels of pressure and temperature, HydraSolve™ is able to remove only targeted fat tissue, while preserving other vital tissues.

Service Provided by Sparton:

Andrew Technologies partnered with the manufacturing team in Strongsville, OH; an experienced team trained in the rigors of the Sparton Production System to focus on process excellence, operational excellence, and pure technical expertise to make the Hydrasolve product a reality.  The detailed services provided by Sparton include:

Manufacturing Services

  • In-depth, sophisticated supply-chain management
  • Manufacturing transfer into production
  • Manufacturing production to forecast
  • Delivery and logistics

“We only considered US manufacturers, so we selected 3 potential partners who had the skillsets that were required. However, after we saw one of the recent devices that Sparton had produced we were sold on Sparton. This console had strong similarities to our system, had similar design and construction, and it looked aesthetically pleasing. It also had a good reputation in the market in terms of performance and commercial adoption”

– Tom Albright, CEO, Andrew Technologies

End Result

Sparton’s manufacturing team in Strongsville, OH demonstrated the use of world-class manufacturing processes and impressive execution to deliver a complex surgical instrument.  The Hydrasolve system has been treated with high regard by surgeons as a novel technology (Tissue Liquefaction Technology) compared with traditional lipposuction procedures.

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