The following represent our segments in which we collectively serve the Medical & Biotechnology, Military & Aerospace, and Industrial & Commercial markets.


Manufacturing & Design Services

Engineered Components & Products

Manufacturing and Design Services segment operations are comprised of contract design, manufacturing and aftermarket repair and refurbishment of sophisticated printed circuit card assemblies, sub-assemblies, full product assemblies, and cable/wire harnesses for customers seeking to bring their intellectual property to market. Customers include OEM and ET customers serving the Medical & Biotechnology, Military & Aerospace and Industrial & Commercial markets. In manufacturing for its customers, this segment adheres to very strict military and aerospace specifications, Food and Drug
Administration (“FDA”) guidelines and approvals, in addition to product and process certifications.
Engineered Components and Products segment operations are comprised of design, development and production of proprietary products for both domestic and foreign defense as well as commercial needs. Sparton designs and manufactures anti-submarine warfare (“ASW”) devices known as sonobuoys for the U.S. Navy and foreign governments that meet Department of State licensing requirements. This segment also performs an engineering development function for the United States military and prime defense contractors for advanced technologies ultimately leading to future defense products as well as replacements for existing products. The sonobuoy product line is built to stringent military specifications. These products are restricted by International Tariff and Arms Regulations (“ITAR”) and qualified by the U.S. Navy, which limits opportunities or competition. Sparton is also a provider of ruggedized flat panel display systems for military panel PC workstations, air traffic control and industrial applications. Ruggedized displays are manufactured for prime contractors to specific military grade specifications. Additionally, this business unit internally develops and markets commercial products for underwater acoustics and microelectromechanical (“MEMS”)-based inertial measurement.