Technological Expertise Fuels Success

Choosing a contract manufacturer that is well-versed in the primary technology used in your device is crucial to a successful manufacturing process. Let’s examine a recent occurrence that illustrates this point. A customer approached Sparton with a request to manufacture a new product using a similar yet upgraded technology to what has been produced in the past. Sparton had built this product for nearly ten years. So when it came to the new product, naturally the customer recognized Sparton’s past performance and ultimately chose us for the new production.

In the above instance, selecting a different supplier would have resulted in the customer going back to square one. They would have had to endure the learning curve associated with mastering the technology, ramping it up for production and performing final testing to ensure there won’t be a failure out in the field.

When you’re dealing with complex technologies, such as optics, lasers, fluidics and numerous others, it requires a major time investment to understand the intricacies and challenges that these types of equipment present. In mission-critical applications such as medical, military and aerospace failure can have catastrophic results. This makes it imperative that your contract manufacturer is able to fully demonstrate their experience and capabilities.

A site visit is an excellent way to ascertain if your potential partner has the expertise in a given technology. Once out on the manufacturing floor, the team can demonstrate the techniques they use for producing, testing and preparing the final product for shipment. Viewing the process first-hand will go a long way in alleviating any concerns you might have about your possible associate’s skill-set in a given area.

So the next time you’re ready to implement a major technological upgrade, be sure to invest the time to make sure your contract manufacturer has the capability you need. This way you can ensure that your product launch becomes ingrained in the marketplace and a part of everyday life.

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