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Because we focus on designing and manufacturing complete, market-ready devices, Sparton has the expertise and experience to be your single-source partner. We currently manufacture more than 100 products that combine many market-leading technologies. By tapping Sparton’s capabilities, you can power your product vision in markets and applications such as:

We can support the full product lifecycle — from design through production and aftermarket services. Sparton can serve as your comprehensive partner, or just an extension of your design and operations teams. Either way, you’ll benefit from our rigorous production system, extensive capabilities and robust supply chain management.

Whether you're a start-up or a market leader, Sparton can take your vision for a breakthrough product and bring it to life — regardless of the complexity of the manufacturing challenges.

Multi-Disciplinary Design and Engineering Services

WIth more than 100 design and manufacturing engineers, we support customers every step of the way. From next-generation product enhancements to design for manufacturability improvements, our capabilities are vast. Learn More

Manufacturing Services With Market-Leading Performance

Our Sparton Production System (SPS) is based on proven, lean-manufacturing processes. Refined over the years, it provides the foundation that allows us to reach unparalleled levels of quality and performance for customers — even while manufacturing highly complex electromechanical devices in low-to-medium volumes from tens to tens of thousands.  Learn More

Broad Partnerships That Include Aftermarket Services

With a solution-oriented mindset, our partnerships often extend far beyond production. In addition to helping customers by designing products for serviceability, we also invest in the people and processes to support your aftermarket needs: field refurbishments, full servicing and more.  Learn More